Robert Morrow appointed as new Grand Secretary

Monday, 01 April 2002

Robert A. H. Morrow took up his duties as Grand Secretary and Grand Scribe E on 1 March. Born in Nottingham in 1947 he was educated at Nottingham High School and Hertford College, Oxford. Opting for a career in banking, he joined National Westminster Bank in 1971, qualifying as an Associate of the Institute of Bankers in 1973. After experience of the Domestic Banking Division, in 1977 he was appointed to a management position in the Bank's International Division. In 1984 he went to Rome to set up a new business development office marketing the Bank's services from Florence to Naples. 

Returning to London in 1988 he became a Commercial Loans Manager in the wholesale money market. Later he specialised in administering syndicated loans.

On NatWest being taken over by The Royal Bank of Scotland, Bro Morrow retired and undertook a number of consultancy roles until the opportunity arose to marry professional experience with his greatest hobby: Freemasonry. Coming from a long line of Irish Freemasons, Bro. Morrow cannot remember a time when he did not expect and intend to become a Freemason as soon as he was eligible.

Initiated at 21 in his old school Lodge, Dame Agnes Mellers Lodge No. 3498, he is currently a member of seven lodges, including Shakespear Lodge No. 99 of which he was Master in 1992 and represented it in that year as Grand Steward. In 2001 he was appointed a Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies.

In the Royal Arch he was exalted in Abbey Chapter No. 47, Nottingham, in 1971, and subsequently joined three other Chapters. In 2000 he was appointed an Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies and became a member of the Committee of General Purposes. A member of many of other Orders in English Freemasonry, he holds Grand Rank in several of them.

A Governor of The Royal Masonic School for Girls, he retains an interest in City of London affairs through membership of the Worshipful Company of Masons.

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