Grand Secretary: Notes

Sunday, 01 July 2007

Grand Secretary Nigel Brown reviews the latest developments within Grand Lodge

His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent celebrated 40 years as our Grand Master on 14 June. This is a wonderful achievement and we are all honoured that His Royal Highness has done, and continues to do, so much for the Craft and Royal Arch.

The Pro Grand Master’s speech at the June Quarterly Communication emphasised that this is an exciting time for Freemasonry.

Lord Northampton has launched several initiatives, which will support our spirit of openness and ensure the bright future of the Masonry we so enjoy. The Pro Grand Master spoke of the importance of openness with family, non-Masons and potential candidates. We are all the best people to communicate our love of Masonry.

Interestingly, someone mentioned the other day that if each of us proposed one new candidate of quality in the next five years, membership would cease to be an issue. Finding new members is surely the responsibility of all of us.

Provincial Information Officers are doing a very important job on the communications front. In order to support us all in communicating and the openness that I have already referred to, the Pro Grand Master is looking at our house magazine, the websites and the production of a DVD. We will keep you informed on progress.

Later this year the Charities will all be under one roof at Freemasons’ Hall. Although the Charities are separate entities, a new sense of belonging and unity will be instilled. Talking about the Charities, the Pro Grand Master announced the fantastic news that recent Festivals had raised over fourteen and a half million pounds. For your interest this total was based on:

Yorkshire, West Riding raising £5.02 million for the Grand Charity;
Somerset raising £3.56 million for the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution;
Cumberland and Westmorland raising £2.05 million for the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys;
Nottinghamshire raising £3.79 million for the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

During my nearly twenty years as a Mason, remembering that I am still secretary of two Lodges and Scribe E of a Chapter, I often wondered what Grand Lodge actually did. I am now amazed at the sheer volume of work that is tackled, with the minimum of staff. Nevertheless, it is high on my agenda to always improve our professionalism and efficiency.

Did you know that it takes ten members of staff two hours each morning just to sort the post out so that it can go to the right department? In addition to that there are emails and telephone calls coming in all day – and overnight! You need to know that we treat everything as important and I thank the staff so much for all they do for us all.

In fact, we are keen that you learn more of each department’s work in future editions of the house magazine.

Another fact I have learnt is the enormous amount of time and effort the Rulers give us. We have very strong leadership and we can all be confident of the future. The Grand Secretary also reports to the

Board of General Purposes for the Craft and the Committee of General Purposes for the Royal Arch. Both the Board and the Committee have the very best of experts with great experience to handle all the issues we face. 

The Rulers are involved in visiting the Provinces and Districts under our jurisdiction, whether it be to install a new Grand Master or Grand Superintendent, attend festivals or annual meetings or an unrelated visit to give support.

For example, the Pro Grand Master, accompanied by the Grand Secretary, attended the first of his Provincial meetings at Sindlesham in May, with the remaining three to be held in Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham. At the end of these visits all 47 Provincial Grand Masters, or their Deputies, will have attended.

The Pro Grand Master also mentioned at the last Quarterly Communication that he would be visiting our Districts in India at the end of November and that the Assistant Grand Master was attending the centenary of the District Grand Lodge of Sri Lanka and installing the new District Grand Master and Grand Superintendent.

So, there is much exciting news and I have only been able to give a flavour of some of the areas our leaders are looking at. John Hamill, our Director of Communications, in the last issue of the magazine, ended one of my quotes to him as saying '… but if we do not make it an enjoyable experience there seems little point in doing it'. I stand by that – keep having fun!

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