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In a visit to St Michael’s Hospice Hereford, the Rev David Bowen, Provincial Grand Master of Herefordshire, met patient and Past Master of Delphis Lodge, No. 7769, Colin Tudor and his wife Gill. 

Colin had for some time been a fundraiser for the Macmillan Renton Unit and St Michael’s Hospice. Following a period of chemotherapy treatment, Colin walked across mid-Wales for these charitable concerns.

While he was there, David Bowen, accompanied by Mike Roff, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Herefordshire, presented the hospice with a £3,343 donation from the Grand Charity.

Over the years, the Province of Herefordshire has presented some £70,000 to the hospice, helping towards the current £3.2 million refurbishment.

Fly high for charity

The end of 2015 saw some fantastic and exhilarating fundraising efforts by members of the masonic community

The Rev David Bowen, Provincial Grand Master of Herefordshire, and Kevin Lyons, Past Master of Delphis Lodge, Hereford, completed freefall tandem skydives from 12,500ft and raised over £7,000 for the Herefordshire 2020 Festival in support of the Masonic Samaritan Fund.

Meanwhile, Nigel Moran and Andrew Paice from the Province of Hampshire and Isle of Wight completed the Sky Tower 100ft freefall challenge in Tivoli Friheden, Denmark. They completed the feat dressed as Batman and Robin to raise funds for the 2016 Festival for the RMTGB.

At the top, Andy suggested that Nigel (Batman) should go first. Nigel shouted, ‘So mote it be!’ before plunging into the net below. Their sense of achievement was reinforced by raising over £1,000, double their original target.

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During one of many visits to St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford, RW Bro the Rev David Bowen, Provincial Grand Master for Herefordshire, was recently given the most welcome opportunity of meeting and greeting hospice patient Colin Tudor and his wife Gill.

Colin, past Master of Delphis Lodge No. 7769, had for some time been a valiant and resolute supporter and fundraiser for the Macmillan Renton Unit and St Michael’s Hospice: following a period of chemotherapy treatment, Colin walked across Mid Wales for such charitable concerns.

David Bowen, accompanied by VW Bro Mike Roff, Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Herefordshire, presented Ruth Denison Fundraising Manager and Paddy Nugent Community Fundraising Manager, with the annual donation awarded to the Hospice by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity.

This year the award was for £3,343. Since 1984 The Freemasons' Grand Charity has donated rising £12m to the 245 adult and children’s hospices in England and Wales.

The Province of Herefordshire has also presented approximately £70,000 to St Michael’s Hospice over the years, and this support will be recognised within the £3.2m refurbishment of the original hospice buildings due to be completed within the next three months.

The Rev David Bowen pledged the continued support of Herefordshire Freemasons to the dedicated care the hospice provides, which is so highly valued by the local community. David Bowen had been Chaplain to the hospice in the past, and truly appreciated the work undertaken at St Michael’s.

The presentation took place in the new £8m In-Patients’ Unit – the most advanced and highly specified in the country. David Bowen emphasised how important it was to be able to show a continued commitment to the outstanding work of the hospice.

With the level of central funding frozen for the past three years and the prospect of the freeze continuing for the immediate future, community support for the pupils of Blackmarston Specialist School is becoming increasingly important.

The Worshipful Master of the Hereford Delphis Lodge No. 7769, Worshipful Brother John Crooks, carried on the well established tradition among Herefordshire Freemasons, of supporting Blackmarston School with a presentation of a cheque for £628 on behalf of the brethren of his own lodge and that of Vaga Lodge No. 3146, when he visited the school on sports day.

John Crooks was taken on a tour of the school by Jackie Preece, the School Administrator, before meeting the Class Teacher Juliet Alexander and the 9 – 11 year old pupils of Galaxy Class, where the presentation took place.

Jackie Preece warmly thanked John Crooks for the continued and most welcome support for Blackmarston School and its 78 pupils with special educational needs.

Blackmarston Specialist School in Hereford has launched an appeal for the provision of an £80,000 sensory playground for its 70 plus primary pupils

Members of two Herefordshire masonic Lodges, Delphis Lodge No. 7769 and Vitruvian Lodge No. 338, have donated a total of £3,150 towards the project, maintaining local Freemasonry support for this school and its pupils with special educational needs.

Worshipful Brother Kevin Lyons of Delphis Lodge, in raising £2,900 for the school, is following in the footsteps of his wife Wendy who recently donated £1,300 to Blackmarston School raised by sponsorship for her freefall parachute jump. Kevin said that the school requires, 'our full support for the dedication and exceptional work undertaken by the staff for the wellbeing of the pupils.'

Kevin Lyons, Jack Baker, the Worshipful Master of Vitruvian Lodge, and Charity Steward Nick Swan, received a conducted tour of the school following the presentation. Staff members were most appreciative of this continued masonic support.

Ian Talboys of Delphis Lodge No. 7769 in Hereford, has long admired the staunch work of Linda Bishop in her support of St Michael’s Hospice

Ian has known Linda for many years through their involvement with the local Scout movement and has had the pleasure of walking many miles with her in the Black Mountains.

Linda recently completed her Beating Boundaries Challenge Hike, the first ever complete walk around the county boundary of Herefordshire, to raise money especially for the new Complementary Therapy Suite at Bartestree.

With the £14.5 million new build at St Michael’s Hospice due for completion in June 2014, as projected by Head of Fundraising Ruth Denison, visiting Herefordshire Freemasons recently took the opportunity of viewing its progress while presenting their annual donation.

A donation of £2,809 from The Freemasons’ Grand Charity was presented to Ruth Denison during the visit, with an additional £1,000 from Hereford’s Delphis Lodge being ring-fenced for the provision of the state of the art Complementary Therapy Suite.

Since 1984, £10.5 million has been donated to hospices across England and Wales by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity.

Speaking about the donation, Rev David Bowen, Provincial Grand Master for Herefordshire said: 'Every year Freemasons all over the country work together to provide funding for hospice services.

'The care provided by our local hospice is exceptional, but financial support is fundamental to ensuring a continued good service. We recognise the vital role the hospice plays within our community here in Herefordshire, and that is why we are so happy and committed to maintain our support.'

On a visit to Sophie House in Hampton Bishop, Ian Talboys of Delphis Lodge No. 7769 found the experience 'truly inspirational'

Together with fellow Freemason Don Lane, Ian presented a donation of £1,000 from his lodge to the Martha Trust.

Sarah Sharp-Smith - founding trustee and mother of Sophie, one of the lifelong residents - gave a guided tour of the new building, now just twelve months in being.

The visitors were suitably impressed with the home’s exceptional and innovative design with 'organic shape' open spaces. It has a fully landscaped garden and a state of the art centre for complementary therapies, including hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and music and multi-sensory stimulating light therapies.

This new building adds to the charity’s first purpose-built home at Hampton Green, established in 1996, resulting in a total of 28 single bedrooms. The rooms serve lifelong residents with profound disabilities and complex needs, requiring specialised individualised care.

Don and his wife Heather have supported the Martha Trust over the years, appreciating the severe lack of long term respite care nationally for such individuals.

According to the Haven’s manager, Frankie Devereux, the 'hugely successful' Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Hereford, 'culminated in a most welcomed and substantial donation of £5,800.00 from the Freemasons'

Rev David Bowen, Provincial Grand Master for Herefordshire, in presenting this latest donation, spoke highly of the truly supportive work undertaken at the Haven in Hereford. He emphasised the continued support of Freemasons, being fully aware that the success of the Haven’s work depended entirely upon charitable giving. Herefordshire Province of Freemasons has been a Guardian of the Haven since 2011.

In attendance at the presentation, undertaking his first official duty, was Edward Lord, the newly appointed National Director of Fundraising and Development for the Breast Cancer Havens in Hereford, Leeds and London. As a senior mason himself, he welcomed the support given by both local Freemasons and The Freemasons’ Grand Charity. He praised Herefordshire Masons for the continued support received over recent years.

This year’s annual masonic donation to the Haven included specific giving from Royal Edward Lodge No. 892, Palladian Lodge No. 120 and Delphis Lodge No. 7769 in Herefordshire, and the Herefordshire Masonic Charity Association. This local support was match funded by The Freemasons’ Grand Charity.

The members of Bishop Sara Rose Croix Chapter have donated ten height-adjustable foot stools to aid recovery of knee replacement patients in Hereford County Hospital’s Teme Ward.

Illustrious Brother Tony Weal, a member of Delphis Lodge No. 7769, was behind this support to enhance care following his recent stay in hospital. He presented the stools to Ward Sister Rose Treherne in grateful appreciation for the excellent care and attention he and other patients have recently received.

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A True Celebration

Fifty years on from the Consecration of Delphis Lodge on 14th October 1961, the Worshipful Master Tony Weal welcomed as Founder Members Right Worshipful Brother Shotton Blench and Worshipful Brother Alwyn Williams to the Golden Anniversary Meeting held at Kyrle Street, Hereford.

As Founder Junior Warden and Master of the Lodge in 1963, Shotton Blench recollected with pride and pleasure his involvement during the early days of Delphis Lodge following his move to Hereford as a Metallurgist for Henry Wiggin. The Lodge Warrant, issued in March 1961, lists the names of 21 founder members, six of whom had moved to Hereford with Henry Wiggin & Co. Ltd.

Presiding at the Consecration in 1961 was Right Worshipful Brother Right Reverend Bishop E. W. Sara, Provincial Grand Master, the first Bishop of Ludlow. Appropriately, Very Worshipful Brother The Reverend David Bowen, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, presided at the Anniversary Lodge Meeting.

Worshipful Brother Paul Young presented members with a “Golden Jubilee” history of Delphis Lodge 1961 – 2011.
The presence of Worshipful Brother John Galt, Past Master of Lodge St John Kilwinning , Kirkentilloch, reminded the brethren of  Delphis Lodge of their strong links with this Scottish Lodge.
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