West Lancashire Freemasons printing protection for the NHS protectors

Monday, 18 May 2020

When West Lancashire Freemason Darren Busby, together with a group of friends, learned of the shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) following the outbreak of the coronavirus, they decided to do something about it

For Darren, a graphic designer by profession and a member of Brotherhood Lodge No. 3967, rather than make a donation, he bought himself a 3D printer and started to produce face visors.

Those key workers, both NHS and those in the community, providing services which are necessary, even in a time of crisis, are putting their lives at risk daily to support the general public. It soon became clear that the UK just did not have an adequate supply of PPE for all those in need. A face visor serves to protect the wearer from those who get too close, or those vulnerable members of the general public who just don’t understand the need for social distancing. Additionally, a face shield reminds the wearer not to touch their face.

To date, this small group of friends alone, have created and distributed over 500 face visors to a variety of key workers, those working directly in the NHS, local care settings and shop workers. A GoFundMe page, has received numerous generous donations from the general public, which has facilitated the purchase of necessary materials. This has supported the group in donating all masks free of charge to prevent financial barriers impacting on the need to save lives.

Covering the Fylde coast area initially, demand has quickly grown, and supplies have been sent to both Trinity and Victoria Hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, and care homes around the region.

Darren said: 'We have callers asking how many they can have, to which we reply, how many do you need? We then pull out all the stops to get them delivered.'

The country may be in crisis, the lasting impact of which will be felt for many generations to come, but the sense of community being seen across the globe is reassuring in its very existence. As long as the UK has a need for PPE equipment, this small group of determined individuals will continue to do what they can to fill the void.

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