West Kent Freemason receives warm thank you note after providing 20,000 meals to local residents

Friday, 19 March 2021

Mr Ian Sharp of Ravensmead Lodge No. 6404 received a letter of thanks after providing more than 20,000 meals (at cost only) to residents of Westerham whom have been struggling during the pandemic. Not only did he cook the meals himself, but he also delivered them. The letter was addressed to Mark Estaugh, the Head of West Kent Freemasons.

The letter read:

"Dear Mark,

I know that you and your members are extremely busy around the Province doing much needed work for the community, either at masonic centres providing vaccinations or providing donations of money or food to the needy.

I would like to inform you of the outstanding work of one of your members, Mr Ian Sharp, master of Ravensmead Lodge 6404, who along with his own team of staff, from his catering business and restaurant have provided over twelve thousand meals (at cost only) to residents of Westerham, not only cooking the meals but delivering them as well.

Ian is very modest, but I am sure he would greatly appreciate a call from you, if you could spare the time, just to tell him how much his work has helped the community.

Your sincerely,

Mr E Greenslade"

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