Warrington Museum of Freemasonry gains charitable status

Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Warrington Museum of Freemasonry has come a long way from its small and rather dusty beginnings. It was in January 2014, when it was formally established under a Trust Deed and trustees appointed; Barry Jameson, John Pether, Jim Cartledge, Mike Williams, Vic Charlesworth, John McIntyre and Caroline Crook, a non-Masonic trustee and archivist.

Two of the initial key objectives for the trustees were firstly, to establish and agree a constitution for a charitable incorporated organisation and secondly to gain charitable status for the museum.

A considerable amount of effort has been applied to this and in January 2016 the trustees received confirmation that the museum had been accepted as a registered incorporated charity. Its registered charity number is 1165077.

Kevin Poynton, the Assistant Provincial Grand Master responsible for the Warrington Group of Freemasons, was delighted to be able to present the certificate to the trustees during their meeting on Tuesday 19 January 2016. He said that it was a considerable achievement for the museum and thanked the trustees for their collective efforts since their appointment. He said that the development of the museum was both impressive and an example of good practice. Getting charitable status was another important step in its development.

The trustees have also established a support group in the form of ‘Friends of the museum’, for individuals and groups. Securing charitable status opens up the opportunity to have future donations under this structure from individuals and to benefit from ‘Gift Aid’. This will allow the museum to claim back a further 25% in addition to the donation, subject to the donation being from a UK taxpayer.

Vic Charlesworth, the museum’s hard working curator, said that it was difficult to comprehend just how far the museum had progressed in the last two years. Achieving charitable status underpins the museums mission, to provide a varied and high quality heritage experience for all members of the community.



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