Twins celebrate a golden achievement

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

On the 7th February 2022, Robin and Richard Sealby celebrated an amazing milestone in Freemasonry, both receiving their 50 years certificate from the Provincial Grand Master of Cumberland and Westmorland. This must be a one off, where Twin Brothers celebrate 50 years membership of Freemasonry on the same night

Robin and Richard were born at Croft house farm, near Penrith on the 9th of April 1946 and must have brought delight and happiness to their parents after the turbulence of the war which had just ended the year before. With both brothers being born and raised on a farm, they were well acquainted with the agricultural living, both working on the farm before they moved on in life and took on new challenges.

They both Joined Freemasonry on the 1st Feb 1971 which makes this celebration slightly late due to covid restrictions, but it was equally as good of a celebration for such an important milestone. Not only did Robin and Richard join Freemasonry together, but in March and April of 1972, both brothers also got married with both due an imminent golden wedding anniversary also.

In Robin’s masonic career, he served as Provincial Senior Warden in 2005, in the year when our Provincial Grand Master served as Provincial Junior Warden.

They were born twins and have a deeper understanding of the word Brother than most of us and this was a fitting celebration for such a rare, fantastic achievement!

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