TLC Thursday in the Province of Cheshire

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Today sees the start of ‘TLC Thursday’ where we give a regular update on the adventures of our little furry friends… Here is a great story to help us ‘launch’ the feature – no pun intended

In a recent incident, the crew of the RNLI West Kirby Lifeboat were involved in the dramatic rescue of 8 people including a 4 year old girl called Louisa, her family and her dog. They had all been cut off by the rapidly rising tide near to Hilbre Island Wirral, Louisa was up to her neck in water and her dad was struggling to hold her in the waves and current, the family were standing on rocks in the deep water and in immediate danger of drowning.

Thankfully all the casualties were soon in the safety of the West Kirby Lifeboat, and once transferred to shore were found to be suffering from hypothermia and distress from their ordeal. The medical team were thankful for the assistance of a TLC bear which they gave to Louisa to calm her whilst they checked her over and gave her medical assistance. Cheshire Freemasons had only recently donated a supply of TLC Bears to the Wirral RNLI for them to use during rescues including young people and this was the first time a bear had been deployed.

A crew member said: 'Louisa was delighted to receive her TLC Teddy and all the worries of the experience soon diminished.'

The TLC Bears are usually donated to the children’s emergency units at hospitals but the Wirral TLC representatives of Cheshire Freemasons realised that the RNLI were rescuing an increasing number of young casualties from the sea and thought that the TLC Bears might make their job a little easier.

The RNLI’s new Christmas Appeal aims to raise £2M.  Like many other charities, The RNLI has lost a huge amount of donations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews continue to be ready to leave their loved ones this Christmas in order to save lives at sea. To help the RNLI “Brave a Wave” please donate to the Christmas Appeal at

If your Province has a great TLC story please share it with the Province of Cheshire.

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