Tiny Trax to independence

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Millie Young is 2 years old although her Mum and Dad Laura and Martin would say that technically she is only 21 months old because she was born 3 months early and spent her first 3 months fighting for her life in intensive care

Being born prematurely has left Millie deaf in both ears and she can’t talk yet. She also has a severe development delay and cerebral palsy which affects all of her limbs. Whilst she couldn’t sit or stand independently this brave little girl is working hard every day with physiotherapy to build up her strength and its working! Over Christmas she sat on her own for 3 minutes to the astonishment of her Mum and Dad. The family are hoping that one day she may be able to walk but it’s uncertain whether this will happen.

Previously she had to stay in her pram on family outings which was really upsetting for her, but now with the aid of a Tiny Trax Powerchair, she has the freedom to move around and explore her world.

These are wonderful devices but expensive and following her Mum and Dad’s best efforts to raise the money to buy one it was just out of reach. That’s when it came to the attention of the Freemasons in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire who quickly found the funds to bridge the gap and Millie is now the proud owner of her very own Tiny Trax – it’s the envy of her friends at nursery and they all want a go! She’s the youngest child ever to be assessed for a Tiny Trax but because the revolutionary design allows for adjustment it will be useable for at least the next 10 years.

Her Mum Laura said 'We recently started hippotherapy with Millie - she absolutely loves it and has been making huge strides in her development since going! We took her out in the Tiny Trax over the weekend and we couldn't believe how much her confidence has grown!'

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