The Band of Brothers Rocks the World for kids at Rainbows Hospice

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Rainbows Hospice in Loughborough is a place where children and their families are cared for and supported. It is the East Midlands’ only hospice for children and young people. Rainbows cares for hundreds of families every year who have a child or young person with a serious or terminal illness that means that their lives will be shorter than most

In early 2021 Steve Frixou and Philip Meynell who had met through Freemasonry in Derbyshire and became close friends decided to form a band that could hopefully raise money for Rainbows and other local charities whilst performing at Lodge events and so began The Band of Brothers.

Steve had been a singer in 80s bands and Philip had been a drummer back in the 80s on the club circuit. They were quickly joined by other talented Derbyshire Freemasons with the same vision for charity.

All money raised is donated in the name of Derbyshire Freemasons and The Band of Brothers.

After a few Zoom meetings, as soon as restrictions allowed rehearsals began in earnest, until the first gig in September, followed by a Ladies Night in November. With the support of the Provincial Charity a total of £3,375 was donated to Rainbows Hospice.

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