At the Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4074 Installation meeting on 17th February 2018, it suddenly transpired that the last four Provincial Charity Stewards were all in attendance

This provided the opportunity for a memorable photograph and a unique event as the four brethren are collectively responsible for raising over £2.5 million pounds for the Province of Monmouthshire.

This is even more impressive considering there are less than 1,500 Monmouthshire Freemasons.

Cabaret evening huge success

Members of Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4047 organised a cabaret evening where attendees dressed up in exotic clothing and entertained everyone

The main contributors to the entertainment were the Maindee Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, of which around 8 of the Jasper Tudor brethren are either members or have family links.

Everyone worked extremely hard at fundraising for local charities, and in particular the outstanding effort by both of Bro Gary Gassor's daughters, Emma and Leanne.

Local businesses were approached and the positive results were there for all to see by the end of the evening with a staggering £14,291.65 raised. Prior to the evening several individuals had raised funds by several means, from running half marathons to individual training sessions with some of the highly qualified Martial Arts Tutors. The funds will be distributed in varying proportions to the local branches of: Cystic Fibrosis, Stroke Association, Sparkle Appeal (local children's Hospital), Special Care Infant Parent Support and the Jasper Tudor Lodger Charity Account which supports local charities and good causes throughout the year.

Newport Masonic Hall was full to capacity which was also a good thing as no doubt there would have been a healthy income at the bar and as funds are always needed to help restore the building this would be an added bonus.

On the 28th of November the annual presentation evening was held at Newport Masonic Hall

There were 40 awards given to local good causes and charities totalling £30,000. The evening was without doubt a great success, and, listening to the thanks and descriptions of the activities that these volunteers do for others within our community, we are very fortunate that our fundraising makes such a difference.

We are also fortunate that such hard working people are prepared to put such tremendous effort into helping others. There was a wide spectrum of charities assisted, from Langstone Church who need funds to repair vandalism to 500 year old windows to Monmouth Music Theatre who have enrolled many youngsters who are currently preparing to perform The Wizard of Oz to the general public.

The funds have been raised by the Brethren of Monmouthshire who only last year completed a five year festival for the RMTGB which raised £1.2 million pounds. There has been many innovative methods used for raising funds, from a Provincial Christmas card competition to a variety performance put on by the Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4074. Along with more traditional methods such as a well supported Provincial raffle and a dedicated team of Charity Stewards who encourage the Brethren of the Province to take out Gift Aids so they give regularly.

We may occasionally complain about the level of fundraising that we are asked to do, but when you see the heartfelt thanks of those who benefit from our funds then it does give encouragement to continue supporting them.

Stars in the their Eyes night raises funds for Parkinson's UK

Brother Gary Gassor, his friends, family and many of the members Jasper Tudor Lodge No. 4074 as well as members of the Maindee Martial Arts group put on a cabaret evening styled on the ‘Stars in their Eyes’ programme from times past.

Much hilarity was had by the almost 150 people who attended at Newport Masonic Hall. The event was organised to benefit Parkinson’s UK and the Province of Monmouthshire’s home charities festival. Several of the fund raising methods were innovative to say the least, ranging from text giving directly, to a football scratch card that raised £200.

Congratulations must be given to Brother Gary, his team and the brethren of the Jasper Tudor Lodge who participated, for their outstanding effort and training for the event to ensure the night was entertaining as well as rewarding. Also, without the hard work over several weeks by Gary’s daughters Emma and Leanne procuring sponsorship and support it would not have been anywhere near as successful as it was.

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