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East Kent Hospice Awards

Since 1984, the Freemasons’ Grand Charity has donated £8.7 million to hospices throughout England and Wales, supporting the ongoing compassionate care (physical, social and spiritual) which they give to patients and their families. During last year a total of £600,000 was distributed to 226 hospices. This included an allocation of £100,000 specifically for services dedicated to caring for children. As well as supporting individuals who require hospice care, staff will also support families and close friends during the illness and bereavement.

These grants are awarded and distributed each year via Provinces. On Saturday, 7th January 2012, at the meeting of the Millennium Lodge of Charity, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Roger Odd, and the Master of the Lodge, Brian Monk, had the great pleasure of presenting the grants for 2011 to the representatives of 6 local hospices.

Roger said ‘Our hospices provide an invaluable service to many patients and families in times of great need and personal distress and we, the members of the Masonic Province of East Kent, are proud to help sustain this important service through our charitable giving by the Grand Charity and supported by our 2014 Festival’.

During the presentations, each representative gave a brief and informative outline of the work of their hospice and the services that they provide and paid tribute to all the members of the Masonic Province of East Kent for their unparalleled acts of charity that enables such a difference to be made to people’s lives. Dr John Reuther, a Grand Lodge Officer, also gave a talk on ‘The Changing Face of Charity’.

In concluding the awards, the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Wayne Smith announced that the 2014 Festival had now raised £2 million, two thirds of our target.

Wayne said ‘The words ‘thank you’ are often lost in our selfless and untiring efforts to raise money for our 2014 Festival. It is therefore an honour, on behalf of the Province, for me to praise you all in the work so far and for your future efforts which I know will make the Festival a huge success’.

Hospice Grants

Hospice Received by
Demelza House Children's Hospice Pat Flanagan
Ellenor Lions Hospice (Adult) Linda Trew & Elaine Higgins
Heart of Kent Hospice Jenny Watkins
Pilgrims Hospice - Canterbury (Pilgrims Hospice in East Kent) Dr Richard Morey
Pilgrims Hospice - Thanet (Pilgrims Hospices in East Kent) Dr Richard Morey
Hospice - Ashford (Pilgrims Hospices in East Kent) Dr Richard Morey
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Friday, 23 December 2011 16:38

Breast Cancer Haven's newest Guardian

Manager Frankie Devereux has welcomed Freemasonry in Herefordshire as the latest Guardian of The Haven in St Owen Street, Hereford. 

Entirely dependent on charitable giving, The Haven which provides, completely free of charge, support to those affected by breast cancer, invites individuals and corporate bodies to become Guardians by donating £1,000 a year.

VW Bro The Reverend David Bowen, is most anxious to maintain the long standing support of The Haven by Herefordshire Freemasons, and initiated this desire among Freemasons to become a Guardian. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master of the Masonic Province of Herefordshire is a true supporter of local charities and welcomes this opportunity to support The Haven on an annual basis.

Frankie Devereux welcomes visitors to The Haven Centre. Those visiting should note the following words written by a patient, which can be seen on the Centre’s colourful Tree of Life “Fear will take you a prisoner. Hope will set you free.”

The Haven, with the backing of its Guardians and the host of local supporters, will continue to give that fundamental hope to those who cross its threshold.

The Province of Yorkshire, North & East Ridings welcomed over fifty guests to an ‘Interfaith Luncheon’ at the Masonic Hall Beverley Road recently. Faith Groups represented included Anglican-Quaker, Greek Orthodox, Hindu, Roman Catholic, Church of England and both Reform and Orthodox Jewish. The presence of Reverend Michael Mewis, Provincial Grand Chaplain and Reverend Tim Boynes a member of St Cuthberts Lodge No 630 were examples of the ecumenical tolerance that was integral to the talks which followed.

The aim of this initiative was to disseminate information about the nature of Freemasonry. It is hoped that any misconceptions about the Craft may have been dispelled. It has been suggested that Freemasonry’s poor press in the past might dissuade men of different religious persuasions from becoming involved and may likewise alienate their wives, partners and families. A further aim of this pilot event was to address this issue which was raised by one of the guests Mrs Mary Munroe-Hill, Chaplain to The University of Hull.

Jeffrey Gillyon, The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, gave an erudite presentation titled ‘Freemasonry: not a religion but an Approach to Life’ explaining how the Craft does not possess a theological doctrine and forbids the discussion of religion and politics. He stressed the nondenominational concept of The Great Architect of The Universe embracing all religions and compromising none. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master described Freemasonry as ‘an approach to life’ which reinforces concern for others, kindness and care for the less fortunate, honesty in business, courtesy in society and fairness in all things.

Philip Daniels spoke about the history of Freemasonry and the links with the operative stonemasons in the middle ages. He referred to the documentary evidence of the seventeenth century and described features of the Lodge Room, relating how they had evolved with time.

There were many questions, skilfully fielded by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Philip and Sam Judah from the Provincial Grand stewards Lodge. Visitors were then invited to luncheon, where a wide range of interesting questions followed, to which the Deputy Provincial Grand Master responded.

Ms Jackie Loukes, Secretary of The Hull and East Riding Interfaith Group, gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the guests, applauding the presentation team and the hospitality of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge who had hosted the event.

Brethren wishing to organise a similar ‘Interfaith event’ may contact Philip Daniels on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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