Surrey Lodge makes timely donation to carers’ fight against coronavirus pandemic

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Sam Hedayati, Senior Warden of Kingston Aero Lodge No. 3860 in Surrey, has made an emergency donation of over 2,000 face masks to the Carers Trust’s fight against COVID-19, after being "humbled" by the dedication of their key workers

Sam is a Pharmacist who runs the Springfield Pharmacy located in Richmond Surrey. He was alerted to the plight of the Carers’ Trust by Michelle Worvell, UGLE’s Director of Communications and Marketing, whose mother is involved with the charity. She informed David Olliver, Provincial Communications Officer of Surrey and a Past Master of Kingston Aero, that the Carers’ Trust urgently needs to secure supplies of PPE to continue providing care and to protect their Carers.

Sam said: 'I read up about the Carers’ Trust and learnt about their wide-reaching help and care for grassroots people who would otherwise go mostly unnoticed. They’re absolutely amazing. Giving to this worthy cause was a no brainer and I’d do it again without a moment’s hesitation.'

Carers’ Trust uses approximately 900 face masks a week and found themselves in a position where their PPE stocks were critically low, potentially putting Carers at risk. When David approached his Lodge seeking their support to address this crisis Sam immediately responded by offering to donate enough face masks for three weeks of operation ensuring that Carers’ Trust can continue their professional care while looking for a long term solution to sourcing their PPE supplies.

David’s swift action on 1st May 2020 to collect face masks from Sam’s Pharmacy in Richmond and deliver them to the Carers’ Trust care home in Romford meant any break in PPE supplies was averted and services could continue as normal.

David said: 'Kingston Aero are humbled and incredibly grateful that Carers’ Trust are working tirelessly to protect those most vulnerable to keep the country functioning.'

Of the donation he added: 'I am sure Carers’ personal safety is one of Cares’ Trust’s major concerns and together with the shields and scrubs they have received from Freemasonry as a whole I hope we have made a positive impact on the wellbeing of their teams whilst they provide expert and professional care to so many.'

Karen Bonnett, Carers’ Trust’s Head of Corporate Services, said: 'This will enable us to continue to keep our staff safe whilst providing vital services within our communities. We cannot thank you enough for this kind donation.' 

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