Suffolk Freemasons commence delivery of Food Boxes to support the most vulnerable

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Suffolk Freemasons have been organising schemes to support the most vulnerable and in the town of Sudbury their Lodges are offering a "Square Meals" service

Food boxes are ordered, loaded and delivered to the doorstep for a mere £33 each and contain a sensible selection of the staples of a good diet: a loaf of bread, chicken breasts 900g, potatoes 2kg, 1 block of butter, back bacon 300g, medium cauliflower, 2 litres of milk, minced beef 500g, green beans 300g, 40 tea bags, gammon joint, onions 500g, small coffee jar, 2 cans of tinned soup, carrots 500g, half a dozen eggs, 1 jar of pasta sauce and 500g of pasta!

This wonderful yet simple service is open to all those who can’t leave, shouldn’t leave or are just too worried to leave the house and are stuck for help during this difficult time. 

Each box is loaded by Suffolk's team and passed to one of their delivery drivers who will take great care to help with their delivery whilst keeping a safe distance and making sure they are comfortable with them every step of the way. 

With all the produce sourced locally to help local businesses, this service is giving everyone a chance to be involved. Even customers can do their bit because being great value for money makes it easy to give a small contribution, which will be passed straight to the Sudbury Storehouse Foodbank to help those who can’t afford even the basics. 

Community values and mutual support are very much at the heart of what Freemasons do and at this most difficult time for us all, Freemasonry is opening up its own heart to help where it matters most, “At Home”.

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