Students at Sheffield’s High Storrs Academy benefit from Freemasons’ laptop donation

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Students from a Sheffield school will now be able to keep up with their studies thanks to City Freemasons

Thanks to a legacy bequeathed to Ivanhoe Lodge by one of its former Masters and his sister, Percy and Mary Parramore, 22 Dell laptop computers have been donated to High Storrs School.

These will now be distributed to students who have restricted access to IT in their homes, ensuring that they do not fall behind with their tuition as the Covid-19 lockdown continues.

High Storrs School is a mixed secondary school and sixth form college with academy status, located on the south-western outskirts of Sheffield. Over the last five years, trustees of the Parramore Estate have provided much-needed financial support to a number of charities in and around Sheffield. Last year, it gave £20,000 to Support Dogs, which will pay for the two-year specialised training of a Labrador named Ivanhoe, who will ultimately assist an autistic youngster in the Sheffield Region.

The laptop computers were presented to Deputy Head Teacher, Christine Gott, by the Lodge’s Master, Geoffrey Flavell.

Mr Flavell said: 'One of the three great pillars of Freemasonry is founded in charity, and, thanks to the estate of the late Percy Parramore and his sister, Mary, Ivanhoe Lodge has been able to support a number of local organisations.

'I’m delighted to say the last of the estate’s funds have been used to purchase 22 laptop computers for needy students attending High Storrs School, who are currently having to do their lessons at home.

'This technology will be massively supportive and will ensure that they are able to keep up with their studies until such time as they can return to their classrooms.

'Thanks to Percy, a well-respected, well-liked and highly-valued Past Master of Ivanhoe Lodge, together with his sister Mary, Ivanhoe Lodge has been able to provide financial assistance to some fantastic Sheffield organisations - the good news is that their legacy will live on for many years to come.'

John Clague, Ivanhoe Lodge member and Parramore Estate trustee, said: 'Percy and Mary Parramore lived on Trap Lane, Bents Green, Sheffield, for most of their lives, which is within a stone’s throw of High Storrs School, hence this very fitting final contribution from their estate.

'The pair were life-long supporters of local charities, especially those associated with Freemasonry and Scouting, and when we were asked to administer the estate, we set ourselves a five years’ timescale, which we have now achieved.

'We shall be forever grateful to Percy and Mary for their generosity and trust they would be well satisfied in not only how we have managed their estate, but in the choice of those who will most benefit from it.'

During the Second World War, Percy Parramore was captured as a prisoner of war and detained at various internment camps across Europe. During his internment, he managed to study for a City and Guilds qualification in Electrical Installation and became Editor of the camp magazine - indications of a gregarious and determined individual even under the most awful of circumstances.

Most unusually, and in order to supervise the printing of this magazine, he was occasionally allowed out of the camp. Returning home to Sheffield, he joined Ivanhoe Lodge, and also became heavily involved in the Scouting Movement in Sheffield.

Mary was a French teacher and taught for some time in Paris.

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