Step off with the left foot

Saturday, 05 February 2022
At the end of 2021 Dorset Freemason David Craner, of Beaminster Manor Lodge, received a total knee replacement thanks to assistance provide by the Masonic Charitable Foundation. As a consequence David is understandably grateful to the Masonic Charitable Foundation and wishes to thank them by raising funds for #Festival25
David is so confident of his new knee that he plans to embark on an epic challenge of visiting one Lodge in every Province recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England, including, if time permits, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
David plans to find Lodges close to Provincial borders which meet on consecutive evenings and with a budget hotel somewhere nearby! In addition David intends to visit every single Lodge in the Province of Dorset. The Dorset Comms Team would love to track David’s progress so please post photographs on social media when he visits your Lodge.

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