Staffordshire holds Provincial Grand Chapter meeting

Sunday, 20 September 2020

The rescheduled Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter took place at Stafford on 17th September, with the new ‘Rule of Six’ in force

Previous plans had catered for up to 30 Companions to be present. However, the introduction of new Covid-19 restrictions just a few days before the Convocation, led to difficult decisions having to be made in order to allow the meeting to take place.

The six attending were: Robin Stubbs - Grand Superintendent, Richard Parrott - outgoing Second Provincial Grand Principal, Andy Brittle - Third Provincial Grand Principal (and Second Provincial Grand Principal designate), Ralph Howarth - Third Provincial Grand Principal designate, Matt Gibbons – Provincial Grand Scribe E and Chris Adams – Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

All regular provincial business matters were addressed and determined in accordance with established custom. The Installations were then undertaken, with Andy Brittle Installed as Second Provincial Grand Principal and Ralph Howarth as Third Provincial Grand Principal. A Past Second Provincial Grand Principal’s collarette was presented to Richard Parrott.

In a departure from usual practice, the Grand Superintendent delivered his Address from the Point of Announcement so that he could face the five other Companions present.


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