Sine Nomine . . . The Lodge with no name

Thursday, 31 March 2022

Members of the Essex Light Blue Association were among the 88 first joiners of an exciting brand new Lodge, Consecrated for promising, younger Freemasons across the whole Craft

On 22nd February 2022 at Freemasons’ Hall, the Pro Grand Master Consecrated Lodge Sine Nomine No. 10,000. Colloquially known as ‘Lodge 10k’, it has been granted 'unattached' status meaning it is administered directly by UGLE, a status shared with only five other Lodges in the country, reflecting its aim to be representative of the whole Constitution. This was exhibited by the demographic of first joiners attending the Consecration extending from Barbados to Bedfordshire.

Lodge 10k will be an active Lodge and it already has a list of keen and aspiring Initiates with seven new candidates for Initiation at the next meeting. Membership of the Lodge includes a number of high-ranking Freemasons, some of whom have taken on senior Offices during the first year. They offered genial support and enjoyed their Freemasonry on the day alongside the Lodges younger members, providing an opportunity for intergenerational encouragement.

The Consecration was capped-off with 250 Brethren enjoying an exquisite festive board in the vestibule of Freemasons Hall against the backdrop of Grand Temple. Representing Essex at the meeting was the Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant together with the Essex Light Blue Association members he put forward as joiners; Jamie Barton & Ian Graham. Also present was Essex Light Blues founder Dave Hawtin.

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