'Simply the Best'

Sunday, 29 May 2022

As Worshipful Master of North Essex Masters' Lodge No. 9831, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Nick Franklin, appropriately attired in his tartan trews, made sure that Friday 13th May 2022 was a lucky day for all the North Essex Masters' Lodge brethren as they met on this occasion at the Braintree Masonic Centre, Howard Hall

The regular business of the Lodge included the elections of Graham Poulter as the Worshipful Master and Brian Dack as Treasurer for the ensuing year, both brethren are Past Provincial Junior Grand Wardens and Brian is also the Lodge Organist.

The North Essex Masters' Lodge Brethren were then most fortunate to receive an exceptional demonstration of a North East Scotland Third Degree from ‘The Degree Team’ led by from o’er the Border. Although their degrees are the same, Scottish workings can be more dramatic and theatrical when compared to workings in England and this was no exception. In addition, it was also noted that the North East Scotland Third Degree, as demonstrated, gave much more explanation than ours does.  

The North Essex Masters' Lodge brethren enjoyed seeing the differences compared to our own workings as they watched the candidate being handled much more rigorously in a way which would be an unforgettable but meaningful experience.  Although essentially the same ceremony as ours, the North East Scotland Third Degree is embellished with ‘fun’, is ‘louder’ as opposed to ours with its quieter demeaner but does not lose any of its gravitas and adds further to the meaning.

The journey south by the very experienced and committed ‘The Degree Team’, led by Steve Barker, was greatly appreciated by all the North Essex Masters' Lodge brethren. It was performed to a packed house which added to the powerful effect on the audience who enjoyed something very different but equally connected. For those brethren who have seen many demonstrations over the years they could be forgiven for thinking of ‘The Degree Team’ as the ‘Tina Turner Team’ as it was ‘Simply the Best’.

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