Consecration of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge Number 10016

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Saturday 9th July saw 131 Masons from Staffordshire and beyond descend on the Masonic Hall in Wolverhampton for the consecration of the United Grand Lodge of England’s newest Lodge, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Lodge number 10016

The Lodge has been created to have fun whilst also remaining dedicated to masonic traditions for its ceremonies. The traditional wands carried by the Lodge officers have been changed to the Staff of Gandalf the White and Gandalf the Grey from ‘Lord of the Rings’, and the wands carried by the Lodge Deacons have been replaced with ‘Light Sabres’ from ‘Star Wars’. The Tyler (guard) has had his traditional sword replaced with a Klingon Bat'leth (type of sword).

The consecration team were led by John Lockley (Staffordshire Provincial Grand Master) ably assisted by Roger Pemberton (Shropshire Provincial Grand Master) and Dr Mike Rawle (a past Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Staffordshire), the Chaplain was the Reverend Edward Haycock. The rest of the team were, John Derry (Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Staffordshire), Jeremy Roberts, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Dudley Ray, Organist, Adrian Yearsley and Matt Adderley.

Following the consecration David Thomas (Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Staffordshire) installed Christopher Priestley as the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge. Chris then appointed and invested his officers.

The meal afterwards was another treat with gifts for the consecrating team and mementos for everyone. Chris Priestley responded to his toast in the Klingon language and then sat down before realising not everyone speaks Klingon and so did the response again in English!

This Lodge promises to be very popular with a lot of interest already shown from far and wide.

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