Sappers on parade to honour Ely Master

Monday, 23 May 2022

Six Royal Engineers were on parade to see Mark Shields carry out his last initiation as Master of St Ovin Lodge No 7774

Shields’s father served with the Royal Engineers in Germany and Gibraltar. The Sappers, who have a combined service of 148 years across the globe including Northern Ireland, Falklands, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belize, Hongkong, Canada, Cyprus, and Germany, were: Doug Black, St. Ovin Lodge No. 7774;  Andy Wilson, Portas Lodge No. 9511; Steve Handscomb, St. Ovin Lodge No. 7774; Andy Swift, St. Ovin Lodge No. 7774; Grannell, Royal Engineers’ Lodge No. 2599; Terence Parsons St. Ovin Lodge No. 7774. The Province’s United Services Lodge No. 10010 was Consecrated in April and welcomes all visitors and applications for membership or joining.

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