Power of social media takes news of a new Lincolnshire lodge to an audience of thousands

Friday, 01 October 2021

More people than you’d expect to find at most pre-pandemic Sky Bet Championship League games have read online about the creation of Lincolnshire’s newest Freemasons’ Lodge

With more than 23,000 people on Facebook alone having seen posts about the creation of the Free Wheelers Motorcycle Lodge 9991, the numbers are a testament to the power of social media in bringing Freemasonry to a new audience.

No other Lincolnshire posts have achieved a higher reach. The Province has embraced social media as one route to support the active promotion of Lincolnshire Freemasonry to the widest-possible audience, using it to signpost followers to the busy news section of the Provincial web site at www.lincolnshirefreemasons.org.

'Enthusiastic social media users around the Province and beyond have shared posts created by the Province’s social media contributors Simon Noden, Michael Haynes, and I,' says Provincial Communications Officer Stuart Pearcey.

'With UGLE having taken to Facebook for a membership campaign, it’s a clear indicator that the future of Freemasonry will be intertwined with social media.

'That’s as it should be. By speaking to the potential new members in a language with which they’re familiar and by means they already use, we can show that as well as preserving 300-year-old traditions we still have something unique and relevant to offer.'

But the increasing use of social media won’t diminish Lincolnshire’s commitment to more traditional means of communication.

'We have no plans to cease publication of our provincial newsletter Masonic Lincs,' says Stuart.

'In spite of so many people saying there was nothing happening in Freemasonry during the pandemic restrictions, the reverse was true. In fact there was so much going on that we published an extra edition of Masonic Lincs to be able to share the news with our members.'

He added that all Freemasons had a degree of responsibility for communication. 'Without communication we’re not able to achieve the integrity, friendship, respect and charity we all strive for. Communicating doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be as easy as picking up the phone. Remember Buzby, the orange bird used by BT in an advertising campaign in the 1970s? His message was ‘make someone happy with a phone call.’ It’s that simple.'

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