Poole Maritime Volunteer Service

Saturday, 16 July 2022

Thoughtful Dorset Freemason, James Whatley of Llewellin Lodge in Poole, paid a visit to the Maritime Volunteer Service at Poole Quay on Saturday. As a mariner James appreciates the invaluable work of the Maritime Volunteer Service. To help with their patrols of Poole Harbour in this heatwave he donated bottled water to its members

The Maritime Volunteer Service is a national maritime training charity, dedicated to educating and training people in best practise on the water as well as offering interesting activities and opportunities to develop your boating skills.

Poole's Maritime Volunteer Service is a totally self-funding branch of the charity and relies on the generosity of supporters, grants and the public. They welcome interest from any one that would like to join and they require sponsorship for a new rigid inflatable boat.

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