Poole Freemasons help Jimmy's Food Bank

Tuesday, 18 January 2022

For the second year running Poole Freemasons have collected donations for local food banks. This Christmas five full car loads were donated to Poole Food Bank

The cars were so jam-packed that there was only space left for the driver. Organiser and Freemason James Whatley, said 'Thank you to all Poole Freemasons who selflessly donated to this campaign. Your generosity will go towards helping so many less fortunate this Christmas'.

In addition to the food supplies the Freemasons have also made regular donations of pet food to Jimmy’s Poole Food Bank.

Alan Purchase Deputy Manager of Poole Food Bank said, 'Please pass on our thanks to everyone at Poole Freemasons for your amazing support over December. Your donations have helped us to support residents in Poole who are currently struggling to provide food for their families and themselves. We have seen an increase in requests for food in the past couple of months so every donation counts'.

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