Pediatric colonoscope provided by Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey charity appeal

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey is delighted to announce that Tuesday the 2nd September will the see the culmination of its chosen 2013/14 charity appeal when a paediatric colonoscope shall be donated to the Bowel Cancer Screening Department of the General Hospital

The £40,000 to purchase this vital piece of equipment was raised by the Freemasons of Jersey over the past year through donations and various charity events, ranging from lunches, raffles, BBQs and even clay pigeon shooting!

The importance of the work done for all the people of Jersey by the Bowel Cancer Screening Department was highlighted to the Freemasons of Jersey, when Dr Linda Diggle and her team gave a presentation at an annual event to welcome newly joined members and their family and friends. It was made clear that the additional colonoscope, by virtue of allowing for more screenings, would enable the department to catch and therefore prevent a significant number of cases of bowel cancer in the island.

Whilst the name suggests the equipment is for use in regard to children, it should be highlighted that in this instance 'paediatric' also refers to the size of the apparatus, which, being smaller, is far less invasive for those undergoing screening procedures.

The Provincial Grand Master of Jersey, Kenneth Rondel (along with other Jersey Freemasons), presented the equipment to the General Hospital on Tuesday 2nd September, see image above.

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