North Wales Freemasons donate £2,000 to TAPE Community Music and Film

Tuesday, 02 July 2019

TAPE Community Music and Film, a community arts charity which uses collaborative film production as a platform for which it provides inclusive, person-centred, creative support, training and engagement for people of all ages, have been given a £2,000 donation by North Wales Freemasons

The grant will expand their inclusive model which sees people from across all communities coming together each week to work together on a shared and equitable basis and will assist use of 360 filming and VR to provide better access to specific services and the wider community, particularly those with an ASD diagnosis and/or social anxieties.

In addition, the grant will provide on-set support, using technology such as iPads and Bluetooth headphones to create a more inclusive environment and support greater involvement in all aspects of the filmmaking process, for people with additional support needs.

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