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Norfolk’s Maid’s Head Lodge welcomed again at Kynaston Lodge

Monday, 02 May 2022

For nearly 30 years now on a biennial arrangement, Kynaston Lodge has welcomed members of the Maid’s Head Lodge No.8558 under the guise of the Province of Norfolk’s Demonstration Team to its April meeting to receive one of their play presentations. COVID restrictions in 2020 did not allow this to proceed so it was a particular pleasure to invite them to the regular Lodge meeting on the 28th April 2022 to present their latest and 49th production, 'A Tale of Two Battles'

The play, which was written by Stuart Offord of Maid’s Head Lodge, is based on the original play The French Freemason Who Shot Nelson by Peter Racey, who founded the original team in 1968 from a group of 1962 Masters to ‘Perform Masonic plays to raise money for charitable purposes’.

The latest play details the involvement of members of General Napoleon Bonaparte’s French Navy, who took part in naval battles with the British Royal Navy, during the period from the Battle of the Nile (1798) up and to including the death of Sir Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805.

Depicting the story of those events and the outcomes of the French characters in the subsequent years thereafter was well received by over 40 members and guests. At the Festive Board following, Kynaston Lodge’s Worshipful Master, Richard Brindle, was delighted to be able to present on behalf of the Lodge a cheque for £700 toward Maid’s Head continuing charitable fundraising.