New Light Blue Club launches in Shropshire this September

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The success of Light Blue Clubs around the country is soon to be repeated in Shropshire, with the launch of a club for new and particularly junior masons

An informal meeting for interested parties is scheduled for Thursday, 22nd September in a wine bar in Shrewsbury, with the promise 'Two bars, one speech and no raffle'! Those who choose to make an evening of it are invited to repair to the Indian restaurant next door after the meeting for an informal curry with the three senior masons who have been designated as the 'Three Wise Men' – not running the Club, but offering support and encouragement from the Province should this be required at any stage.

The interesting aspect of forming the new club has been the variety of different approaches that have been tried around the Provinces – who can be a member? Some have age limits, others specify below Provincial rank, others a period of time in masonry. In the case of Shropshire, it looks as though the club will be for masons below the Chair who have less than fifteen years experience in the Craft. However, the Club may also invite Associate Members to events (but not to vote or hold office) and these may include more senior masons as well as partners and in some cases friends who are interested in masonry.

Watch this space for more news – and we hope for the launch of a Twitter feed, Facebook page and even a website in the near future.

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