Nairobi plays host to an historic Festival of Lodges in East Africa

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A remarkable Festival of Lodges took place at the Masonic Centre in Nairobi on 17th March 2018

The District Grand Master of East Africa Dr Virendra K. Talwar was present for the festival of 20 craft lodges and an event which took its place in the history of Freemasonry in the District Grand Lodge of East Africa. This was the largest ever festival of lodges of this magnitude to be held in East Africa.

Around 300 Freemasons were in attendance as they filled the Grand Temple, which included 24 different brethren from the participating lodges taking part in an Initiation Ceremony performed to the highest standard. 

All the participating acting officers were presented with Certificates of Participation by the District Grand Master and a present from the Worshipful Master of the Lodge of Nairobi No. 7187, Jinal Savla.

The District Grand Master then congratulated the Lodge of Nairobi for hosting the Festival as well as the participating lodges, and expressed hope that it would become a regular event in the District.

In the evening, nearly 400 Freemasons and guests were present to enjoy a spectacular Banquet and Ball, hosted by the Lodge of Nairobi.

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