Middlesex Freemasons support scuba charity Deptherapy at famous inewood Studios Underwater Stage

Tuesday, 07 June 2016

Diving for support

Divers came together at the famous Pinewood Studios Underwater Stage at Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire for a 24-hour fundraising event in aid of Deptherapy. The charity runs tailored scuba-diving programmes for physically or mentally injured UK armed service personnel.

The Middlesex Provincial Grand Family Fete supported the dive, which raised more than £7,500 towards its £10,000 target. Led by Dickie Henderson from Alperton Lodge, No. 5548, the event involved over 60 divers and a dozen support staff. The 1.2 million-litre underwater studio is unique in Europe, and has featured in films, adverts, television programmes and music videos.

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