Masons vacate Clerkenwell Masonic Centre at Old Sessions House

Friday, 06 December 2013

Leaving old sessions for pastures new 

London masons are vacating their 18th-century Clerkenwell home at the Old Sessions House and moving to another local site. Four years ago, when the current Board of the London Masonic Centre became responsible for the Old Sessions House, it made an early decision that the cost of maintaining and running the 250-year-old Grade II*-listed building was too great. After much discussion it was agreed to sell the Old Sessions House and acquire a new centre nearby.

In a statement, the Board said: ‘Such a new venue, to be called the Clerkenwell Centre, would be, and will be, the most modern centre in the country.’ Not only is it designed for masonic use, but is also capable of attracting commercial business, which will be of long-term advantage to the lodges, chapters and other masonic units. ‘The Board’s planned aim is to make the Clerkenwell Centre the best value masonic venue in the London area.’

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