Liverpool Masonic Hall takes part in Heritage Open Days

Monday, 11 November 2013

Each September many Liverpool buildings open their doors to the general public as they take part in the annual Liverpool Heritage Open Days scheme. Members of the public, in organised groups, are allowed entry into many buildings throughout Liverpool which are normally closed to them throughout the year to see the magnificent architectural wonders with which the city is blessed

The Liverpool Masonic Hall in Hope Street is proudly included in the Heritage tours and was open to the public over a period of four separate days. Dozens of visitors to the Hall were given comprehensive tours by Liverpool group chairman Sam Robinson during morning and afternoon sessions. Sam was also able to give a special tour and interview to BBC Radio Merseyside presenter Graham Mack, which was broadcast on his morning show.

Commencing with a video presentation, Sam gave the visitors a comprehensive lecture on the history of Freemasonry as it began in Liverpool and details of the construction and developments of the Masonic Hall. The members of the public were then given a walking tour of the lodge rooms, dining rooms and other areas of interest inside the hall.

The visitors expressed particular interest in the Corinthian suite, the War Memorial and the Egyptian suite which is used for Royal Arch Masonry. They were also interested in the items of lodge furniture and their symbolic relevance. A number of them used the Victorian lift which is rumoured to have been used by Humphrey Bogart in one of his movies. Several visitors were surprised to be informed that the building is not solely used by Freemasons but that the enterprising directors of the hall lease time and space within the hall to outside organisations and individuals as additional sources of income.

Throughout the tours Sam answered and expanded upon numerous questions from the members of the public about Freemasonry in general, its rituals and procedures and about the benefits Freemasonry can give to its members. These open tours prove that there is a most gratifying there level of interest in the Craft from ordinary members of the public.

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