Lincolnshire Freemasons step in to help community organisation recover from vandal attack

Monday, 30 May 2022

Freemasons from Bourne in Lincolnshire have stepped in to help community charity The Butterfield Centre recover from an attack by vandals

Members of the Lodge of Aveland gave an emergency donation of £500 towards the cost of repairs, and members of Hereward Lodge helped with making good, writes Lodge of Aveland Master Mike Haynes.

The Butterfield Centre is a much-loved charity-run organisation providing activities, a friendship lunch club, meals on wheels and cleaning services for the older and vulnerable people of Bourne and the surrounding area. They also provide a community pantry and host coffee mornings, quiz nights and other similar activities, and rely completely on fundraising to continue to support the local community.

Having heard of the extensive damage to their building during the break in, The Lodge of Aveland, which had supported them in the past, took an emergency decision to donate £500 from the lodge's charity account to the Butterfield Centre to ease some of the financial pain of the repairs. In the picture above Michael Haynes presents the cheque to Butterfield Centre chairman Peter Dolby watched by Trustee Clare Good. The pictures below give a feel for the scale of the damage, and show Hereward Lodge members helping to repair it.

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