Lincolnshire Freemasons help to set up Covid-19 mass vaccination centre

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Freemasons from Lodges from Boston and Horncastle In Lincolnshire have helped the NHS to set up a Covid-19 mass vaccination centre

Volunteers Alan 'Tiny' Clifton, David Andrew, Jez Hyland, 'Oz' Osbourne, Rick West, and Roy Hilton along with his partner Susan spent Friday 15th January at the Princess Royal Sports Arena in Boston helping with final preparations for the venue opening for mass vaccinations the following Monday.

The team carried out a number of tasks including unloading deliveries of vast amounts of surgical equipment, assembling furniture, measuring and marking out the required two-metre distancing on floors, and setting out chairs.

The request for assistance was made to Tiny Clifton by Lincoln Freemason Andy Ham, a member of the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum. Realising the amount of work to be completed in against a tight deadline and at short notice, Andy contacted Tiny who quickly assembled the group of volunteers from the Boston area.

Rick West added: 'It was a busy day with some obvious pressure to have everything ready for opening the following Monday. Working alongside NHS staff was both enjoyable and rewarding, When we all left on Friday evening there was a real sense of achievement in seeing the centre ready to open for business, and feeling that we had made our own small contribution towards fighting the Covid pandemic in our local community.

'We extend our best wishes to all of the staff who will be working at the centre in the busy and demanding weeks and months ahead.'

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