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Lincolnshire Festival gets £50,000 boost to mark reaching milestone pledge

Monday, 15 November 2021

To mark the landmark of the 500th Lincolnshire Freemason having signed up to a regular giving pledge in support of the #Lincs2025 Festival, the Trustees of the Province's Old Provincial Benevolent fund have added £50,000 to the running total

Saying that this was a very welcome injection of funds, Festival Chairman Jez Hyland, hoped it would spur others into making the same commitment. He said: 'I appreciate that whilst some members might feel reluctant to attend meetings, these have nevertheless started again. I hope that will give a renewed focus to our Freemasonry, and the good that can be done through the Masonic Charitable Foundation by donating to the Festival. Support for Freemasons and the wider community is needed now more than ever, and the outcomes we are able to achieve through our financial support are remarkable. Imagine the support for thousands of people made possible because of Festival donations. That’s something to be really proud of'.

Jez added that the Old Benevolent Fund existed to support Freemasons and their families, so the Trustees had insisted that the Masonic Charitable Foundation should ring-fence their £50,000 donation and ensure it was used exclusively for that purpose.