Kids Inspire launch new mentor training with help from Essex Freemasons

Friday, 17 December 2021

Chelmsford based charity, Kids Inspire, set to train dozens of new mentors – dedicated volunteers able to provide one to one help for children with mental health issues – thanks to a £3,000 grant from Essex Freemasons

The money, donated via the Essex Freemasons Community Fund, will enable one of the county’s most active charities, to increase its support offering to children who have been overwhelmed by negative feelings and a wide range of other issues which are now impacting their lives both at home and school.

'In 2021 we have had nearly 3,500 children referred to us so far from every part of the county, as far away as Clacton and Southend', said Paula Ashfield, Head of Fundraising for Kids Inspire. 'It means we desperately need new mentors trained to offer a ‘step-down service’ to young people in need of extra support from us following a course of therapy. This grant from Essex Freemasons will enable us to train up to 30 more volunteer mentors who will each be allocated a child facing mental health issues'.

'Mentoring is a vital part of our work at Kids Inspire which has seen a demand for our services increase over the last two years due to Covid. Each child receives one to one attention and this service is particularly valuable for boys who can be assigned a male mentor who can act as a positive role model'.

The charity provides mental health and trauma recovery support for children and young people from 4-21. Their qualified, experienced team have been trained in a broad range of therapies and work creatively to encourage body and mind reconnection. The focus is on the strengths of the child, their uniqueness, family and other relationships.

'Kids Inspire was founded in 2007 and is now a vital part of the Essex Community', said Colin Felton, Provincial Charity Steward for Essex Freemasons. 'It is the kind of charity that our members like to support. Kids Inspire do a fantastic job and we have been pleased to help'.

Pictured from left to right: Paul Ashfield, Head of Fundraising at Kids Inspire; Sheila Moorcroft, who has been a mentor at the charity for more than four years; Colin Felton, Provincial Charity Steward for Essex Freemasons; and Veronica Mead, who has worked as a Mentor since April 2021.

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