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Into the Light: The Story of Freemasonry in Carlisle - exhibition at Tullie House

Friday, 14 June 2013

Largest exhibition of Masonic items outside London in Carlisle until 7th July

Into the Light: The story of Freemasonry in Carlisle features three priceless chairs and a dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, in what’s reportedly the largest exhibition of Freemasonry held outside London. You can visit the national treasures up to 7th July.

This groundbreaking exhibition explores and examines the hidden world of Freemasonry.

The display tells the story of Freemasonry in Carlisle and the rise of the organisation throughout the province of Cumbria. Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery Trust’s masonic collection has been complemented by iconic objects from the Library and Museum of Freemasonry never seen outside London before, as well as material from Carlisle’s fourteen masonic lodges. The exhibition also examines masonic symbolism and ritual.

Carlisle’s complex web of other fraternal organisations will be uncovered in a display which will seek to illuminate a practise shrouded in mystery.

For more information visit the Tullie House website: