Horticare Wakefield acquires new van thanks to masons of Yorkshire, West Riding

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Horticare in Wakefield has finally took delivery of their new van, made possible thanks to a grant of £16,000 received from the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding

Their old van was on its last legs, unreliable and starting to cost money to keep going. So with some keen negotiation by Horticare's Rosemary Robertshaw they were able to secure delivery of a brand new vehicle.

The vehicle (pictured) has been suitably lettered-up and is proudly displaying the new Provincial Fund decals, provided by West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd to act as a permanent reminder that the organisation has been supported by local Freemasons.

Horticare were also invited to spend the day on the Yorkshire Freemason's stand at last week's Great Yorkshire Show. They had a thoroughly enjoyable day and they still can't believe how generous the Freemason's of Yorkshire, West Riding, have been, and how much difference the new van is already making to their organisation.

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