Great Yarmouth charities benefit from hundreds of donated meals from Norfolk Freemasons

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Two Great Yarmouth charities who help the vulnerable and disabled across the town will benefit from donated frozen food from Norfolk Freemasons

After all Masonic meetings were suspended during March for an initial four months, it left freezers full of food at the Royal Assembly Rooms, the meeting place for lodges in Great Yarmouth.

With Lodges also in summer recess during August, Great Yarmouth Masonic Association decided that their stock of frozen food, enough for around 500 meals, should be distributed to the local community with help from Great Yarmouth Salvation Army and Centre 81.

The frozen food donated included pork belly, fish, chicken fillets, salmon, roast beef, scampi, mince, chips and ready made pies will be cooked by the charities and either distributed to people in and around Great Yarmouth.

Major Katerina Lennox, one of the Commanding Officers at Great Yarmouth Salvation Army said: 'We really appreciate the thoughtfulness of Great Yarmouth Freemasons with this donation of food. It will be cooked over the next few weeks and distributed weekly on Thursdays, when we offer 100 takeaway meals to the local community.'

Diana Staines, Chief Executive of Centre 81 described how the food will be put to good use: 'Part of our task will be to decant the large catering bags of food, pack into smaller quantities for one or two people, before distribution to those who rely on us for their weekly shopping. The majority of those we are assisting are considered to be vulnerable and need to be shielded from contracting Covid-19.

'Those we assist with shopping or weekly telephone calls of support, often tell us they don’t know how they would manage without our services. Great Yarmouth Freemasons gift of food will be extra evidence they are not forgotten or abandoned, which was an initial real worry.'

Christian Schei, Treasurer of Great Yarmouth Masonic Association, said: 'Freemasons are supporting the Covid-19 effort both nationally and locally with financial support, food and PPE. Our gift of food is practical evidence to the people of Great Yarmouth that we are supporting them during these unprecedented times.'

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