Father, Son And Grandson Become Brothers in Northumberland

Tuesday, 01 June 2021

When Dean Smith of Holmes Lodge No.2571, which meets at Corbridge Road Masonic Hall, was initiated into Freemasonry in May 2019, little did he think that it would take over two years to finally receive his Grand Lodge Certificate

The 22 year old was initiated on 22 May 2019, by his father Guy Smith, the Worshipful Master of Holmes Lodge, assisted by his grandfather Colin Smith, the Lodge's Chaplain. He was Passed on 25 September 2019 and Raised on 26 February 2020, again by his father, assisted by his grandfather, before going into lockdown, and finally receiving his Grand Lodge Certificate on 26th May 2021 at their first meeting back after the lifting of restrictions.

Guy was also initiated into Holmes Lodge on 24 February 2016 and has been their Master since October 2019. He is a member of Duke of Connaught Royal Arch Chapter No.3892, having been exalted in 2019, and is currently their Principal Sojourner.

Colin again was initiated into Holmes Lodge on 24 September 1975, becoming Master in 1996 and has been the Lodge's Chaplain since 2018. He was honoured by the Provincial Grand Master in 2018, by being promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Registrar. He was also exalted into Duke of Connaught Royal Arch Chapter in 2005 and was honoured for his work, by the Grand Superintendent in 2013, by being appointed to the rank of Provincial Grand Steward.

The meeting itself went off without a hitch. Eight members and eight visitors were welcomed into the building by Bill Taylor pointing a temperature reader at their forehead. After receiving the reading, he said “Pass” and they then, after many washings with the sanitiser, ascended the winding staircase to the Lodge room. It was quite entertaining to see how the Brethren chose to greet each other in a ‘Covid-compliant’ manner – fist-bump or elbow were most popular.

It was also the first time that some of the Brethren had been seen in their new Provincial Regalia after receiving their well-deserved appointments and promotions and all were congratulated on their respective preferment.

The Festive Board was well attended with the brethren wishing to dine, enjoying a ‘Chippy tea’ pre-ordered and collected from Byker Gormans by the Worshipful Master himself. The can bar was well stocked with a good selection of beers, lagers, ciders & wines with bottles of port & whisky all available, at reasonable prices and served by the lovely Bill, who by this time had put the temperture reader down. Everyone in attendance really enjoyed being back in the building and all felt safe in the environment created by the Temple Company to minimise any risk. The Lodge wishes to thank them immensely for their efforts and are looking forward to their next meeting on 23rd June where they hope to see a few more Brethren. They also wish to thank the Brethren of Excelsior 6609, The St Anthony Lodge 4423 and Eldon 3187 for their support.

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