Graham Spence is installed as the 13th Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Jersey

Tuesday, 08 December 2020

Saturday 7th November 2020 marked an important day in the history of Freemasonry in Jersey, with the Installation of Graham Leonard Spence as the 13th Provincial Grand Master for, and Grand Superintendent in and over, the Province of Jersey

The Installations were due to have taken place on the 28th March, but lockdown intervened. Due to the unavoidable absence of the Installation team from United Grand Lodge of England, as a result of the pandemic travel restrictions, the Installing Officer for both the Craft and Holy Royal Arch ceremonies was A David J Rosser, Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent for Jersey 1999 to 2009.

The Holy Royal Arch ceremony took place in the morning, followed by the Craft ceremony in the afternoon. Government of Jersey social distancing restrictions meant that only 30 Jersey Freemasons were able to attend each of the ceremonies. Notwithstanding the absence of the usual strong support from visiting Provincial Grand Masters and others from sister Provinces, the smaller number of attendees did not detract from the dignity and quality of the ceremonies.

The new Provincial Grand Master installed Ian Christopher Crosby as his Deputy Provincial Grand Master, and also as Deputy Grand Superintendent.

Freemasonry has a proud and rich history in Jersey, with the first Provincial Grand Master, Thomas Dobrée, having been installed in 1753. Since that date, Freemasonry has been a constant feature of, and benefactor to, the Island community, with the only interruption being the closure and 'sacking' of the Temple by the Nazis during the Occupation of Jersey.

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