Five years on Charlotte proudly shows off her Teddy For Loving Care

Tuesday, 02 June 2020

Five years ago while on a family trip to Wiltshire little Charlotte Naylor, a two year old from West Lothian in Scotland, was taken ill and admitted to Swindon's Great Western Hospital

After being treated in the accident and emergency department, she was transferred to the RESUS ward for further treatment. Clearly distressed, Charlotte was very frightened, and in her mother’s words ‘inconsolable’. One of the ward receptionists gave Charlotte a TLC Teddy Bear; this had an immediate effect and helped to calm her down.

Charlotte’s mum Emma took up the story, describing herself as 'a mum who was shaking and scared about losing her baby girl.' Thankfully Charlotte quickly recovered and returned home to Scotland cuddling her teddy tightly. Emma said: 'We honestly can't thank your organisation enough.'

Today Charlotte, now aged seven, is a bright ‘bonny’ young girl enjoying life at home in Livingston, West Lothian.

Wiltshire's Provincial Grand Master Philip Bullock said: 'While very delighted to hear that you visited the beautiful house and gardens at Lydiard Park, Swindon, I was so sorry to read that your daughter Charlotte had a fall leaving her feeling distinctly 'under the weather' - the stuff of a mother's worst nightmares.

'However, I am so thrilled that the work of Wiltshire Freemasons in donating teddy bears to the two general hospitals in the County (Swindon and Salisbury) enabled Charlotte to receive one for being so brave when being treated at A&E.'

Wiltshire Freemasons are delighted that Charlotte made a full recovery from her fall and that she and her TLC Teddy Bear remembered her friends ‘down South’.

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