Face Shields produced for front line workers by Leicester Freemason

Saturday, 11 April 2020

One of the members of the Tudor House Lodge No. 8481 in Leicester has been working around the clock, alongside his wife Nicole, to produce face shields that are so desperately needed by the heroes on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus

The production line has been in constant operation, with the latest batch being manufactured and delivered to the East Midlands Air Ambulance, which is an organisation regularly supported by the Freemasons. Other recipients include the Quorn Medical Centre and the Loughborough Walk-In Centre.

With over 1,000 shields produced so far, and another 500 requests to fulfil, both Mark and Nicole are extremely grateful for the donations so far to help them keep the laser cutting machine in operation, which is supplied in collaboration with the Lionheart Academies where Nicole works, and the flow of raw materials that are needed.

Freemasons, their families and friends are rallying to the cause, by helping those in need with supplies, equipment, and support.

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