Derbyshire Freemasons deliver square meals to community during lockdown

Thursday, 23 April 2020

The lockdown which has taken place in recent weeks has caused worry and difficulties for many people – getting groceries and keeping the household stocked with essential supplies has been of major concern and stress to many. Meeting halls in Derbyshire also face difficulties – with catering staff who rely on these meetings for their income

Steve Jones from Freemasons' Hall in Chesterfield and Malcolm Prentice of Burton on Trent have stepped up to the mark and organised a "square meals" delivery service utilising the catering facilities at both locations to provide the best fresh chilled food to isolated members and their families in need. All deliveries are being made by a team of 30 Freemasons who have volunteered to help.

The catering staff, who are not Freemasons, share the organisation’s values of kindness, integrity and care for those less fortunate than themselves and as a result are working tirelessly to prepare food for those in need.

With the kitchens producing high quality meals at very affordable prices (£6 - £7 for two courses) the initiative has proved a great success and has been very well received with over 800 meals already delivered in the last two weeks since the scheme started. There’s a good choice of menu and the Halls at both Chesterfield and Burton on Trent are now planning to extend the service to the wider community and adjoining Provinces if required.

A member of a Buxton Lodge commented: 'I would just like thank you for first three days meals which my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed. We found them to be of generous portions and a varied menu very well prepared. Many thanks for looking after us '

Steve Jones said: 'We are really pleased to be able to provide this service and meet local needs in difficult circumstances whilst at the same time supporting the staff at our halls who would otherwise have no source of income – by delivering ready-made meals straight to the door we are helping people to self-isolate and stay safe.'

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