Derbyshire Freemason donates re-usable water bottles for prostate cancer patients

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Prostate cancer is now recognised as one of the greatest threats to the health of men in the United Kingdom and one in eight men will contract the disease at some time in their lives. Derbyshire Freemasons have been active in supporting Miss Jyoti Shah, consultant urologist at Burton hospital, in her initiative in getting men tested for the disease – an initiative which has undoubtedly saved lives

Derby Royal Infirmary were delighted when one Derbyshire Freemason, Mark Lee, who’s company manufactures plastic water bottles, made 5,000 re-usable bottles to be issued to men who are attending for testing.

Part of the test requires them to drink a measured amount of water and the bottle has been made to the exact size required. This is a great benefit to the nursing staff who no longer have to keep checking the amount the patient has drunk. The bottles proudly bear the square and compasses and are free for the patient to keep, take home and re-use.

A strong delegation of Derbyshire Freemasons were on hand to make the presentation including the Provincial Grand Master Steven Varley, who commented: ‘This is a fantastic initiative which continues our efforts to do all we can to help people to get tested for prostate cancer so treatment can be started as soon as possible where necessary.

‘We are always delighted to help Derby Royal Infirmary with their wonderful work in any way we can – it’s part of our ongoing commitment to support the community.’

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