Cheshire Masonic Hall becomes Major Vaccine Hub

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Cheshire Freemasons have been supporting their community in the fight against Covid-19, with the entire ground floor of the Masonic Hall at Cheshire View being used as a major vaccination hub

Having a vaccine ready is one thing, but if you’re a rural Cheshire GP the logistics of administering it safely to large numbers of patients in and around your normal practice is almost impossible.

So the team at Cheshire's Masonic Hall have been working tirelessly in conjunction with the Clinical Commissioning Group and other key NHS stakeholders for a number of weeks in order to provide a perfect resource to solve that problem - namely the entire ground floor of the Masonic Hall at Cheshire View as a major vaccination hub to protect patients who do not have, and have never, had Covid-19.

A team of Doctors and nurses from six large rural GP practices will be based at the Hall for the coming weeks, along with experienced medics and nurses recalled from retirement, recently retrained vaccinators and a crew of willing volunteers, all making use of the excellent facilities free parking and recognised Covid-19 safety protocols the Hall already has in place.

These GP practices represent a large number of patients of all ages, but the first cohort called forward on a strict appointment system will of course be those deemed at greatest risk due to age, existing medical conditions and other key factors.

Andy Tong, Covid-19 safety officer and Finance Director for Cheshire View says, 'I am proud of the hard work and focus of the team at the Hall during these difficult times, their commitment to our Masonic principles has enabled us to find a way to continue to serve our entire local community, working towards unlocking 2021 with every visit and with every vaccination.'

Stephen Cross, Chairman of the Board at Cheshire View says, 'Our members are proud that the Masonic Hall continues to serve the local community as it did for some weeks in the summer when it welcomed an entire local school unable to use its own buildings, along with ongoing regular blood donor sessions and now over Christmas and New Year holidays when our local medical professionals and trusted GP’s begin the task to protect our community from this virus.'

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