Cheshire Freemasons provide support to vulnerable children

Friday, 01 May 2020

Cheshire Freemasons have come together to help Stockport MBC Social Services and Stockport Police with donations of gifts for children who, in this time of the coronavirus crisis, are being supported by social care

The Freemasons heard of the plight and made contact with Social Services who were looking for donations of good quality items for children currently under Child Protection or Child In Need plans, supported by social care.

These are some of the most vulnerable children within the Stockport area. For the smaller and younger children, to provide some comfort, the Freemasons donated a large selection of teddy bears.

These were presented to GMP’s Stockport Divisional Headquarters, in accordance with the social distancing rules, and Liz Wright, Cheshire Freemasons Office Manager, was on hand to deliver the bears to PC Andy Bennett and DS Matt Tarr.

DS Matt Tarr asked if there was anything that could help the older teenage children. Cheshire Freemason Harry Wright organised for a sizeable donation to be made on behalf of the ‘Cheshire Freemasons Charity’ which covered the costs for more age specific items to be purchased such as make-up, footballs and Netflix TV cards. These have all now been distributed to those in need.

DS Matt Tarr said: 'It’s fantastic to see local services coming together to support our most vulnerable within Stockport. The gifts the Freemasons have donated will go some way to making life a little brighter in what is a difficult time for many families across our borough.'

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