Carillon War Memorial and Bell Tower receives boost from Loughborough Freemasons

Monday, 02 August 2021

The Loughborough Carillon is well known as a war memorial to honour and remember those who lost their lives in the two world wars. However, for many visitors, it is also a museum with artifacts, documents, and memorabilia of the events of those wars and how they relate to the people of Loughborough

This iconic landmark of the town, towering 151 feet, or 46 metres high, was built between 1922 and 1923. In recent times, a large-scale renovation and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic have meant uncertain times, but thanks to local donations, the ambitious plans of the trustees point to a bright future.

One such donation was a £2,000 gift from local Freemasons, of the Howe & Charnwood Lodge in Loughborough and the Leicestershire & Rutland Masonic Charity Association. Always ready to assist local good causes, the Freemasons dug deep to ensure the War Memorial and Bell Tower could prosper in these uncertain times.

Mr Mel Gould, Chair of the Trustees of the Loughborough Carillon Tower & War Memorial Museum said: 'The museum had been through a difficult period, first with a major renovation of the tower and then the onset of Covid-19. This generous donation will help us achieve the ambitious plans we have for the future but also and equally important it demonstrates the support local people have for unique and iconic carillon.'

Chris Barsby, Charity Steward of the Howe & Charnwood Lodge said: 'We were only too pleased to assist this iconic landmark of the town and look forward to seeing what can be achieved in the future.'

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