Buckinghamshire Freemasons organise a fun-filled day for young carers

Monday, 16 July 2018

Buckinghamshire Freemasons held its 11th Young Carers Summer BBQ on 24th June 2018 and with 184 people in attendance, made it the highest visited event since it began

The event was created as a chance to offer young carers, up to 16 years old, the chance to be ‘children’ again for the day. These children normally spend their home lives helping and supporting parents or siblings with mental or physical disabilities, meaning they spend their time caring rather than playing.

The Young Carers Summer BBQ is an event that allows the attending children to spend the day with other young carers playing and enjoying themselves, with help for their families provided by Young Carers MK and Freemasons from a number of lodges including St Martin's Lodge No. 2812.

The event is paid for by Buckinghamshire Freemasons under the Freemasonry in the Community funds and ensures that the entire event is free of charge for the families and the charity itself.

Highlights on the day included a petting zoo, where children got the opportunity to meet dogs, ducks, donkey, sheep, lamb and pigs, whilst additional entertainment was provided by a local DJ, two face painters who came and made the children feel like superheroes or princesses, as well as a bouncy castle and sling shot run. Finally, the event included many games such as skittles, a coconut shy and bubbles.

Nicholas Hills Sands-Potter, Event Organiser for Buckinghamshire Freemasons, said: 'Buckinghamshire Freemasons are delighted to be able to serve young careers in the community.

'This year we had families that hadn't engaged with the charity for over four years come along to the event and were finally given the chance to leave the house and not feel like they will be looked at or treated differently. To be able to organise this means a lot to all local Freemasons.'

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