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Band of Brothers Join Holy Cross Lodge in Northumberland

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Back in 2018 Holy Cross Lodge No.3679, which meets at Wallsend Masonic Hall, gained a new member, via United Grand Lodge of England's 'Pathway Programme'

Ty-Roll Findlay, a 47-year-old, ex-military officer, had been researching Freemasonry for many years after leaving the forces and had found that he had more time on his hand. He subsequently approached the Pathway Programme for further information and was finally introduced to Holy Cross Lodge.

Ty joined the Queens Own Yeomanry, as a cadet in 1989, prior to joining the Parachute Regiment in 1990 passing P Coy, the famous test for airborne soldiers, in 1991. He served with both 4 Para (V) and 1 Para where he saw active service with a tour of East Tyrone N.I. in 1997, during their famously volatile marching season. In 1998 he conducted a 6 week jungle warfare course in Belize, Central America, leaving the Parachute regiment shortly after and taking a break from active service until 2014, when he joined a local reserve unit 52 (five-two) Company, Military intelligence.

He made contact with Norman West, via another member of Military Intelligence. who was and still is a Mason, after he noticed Ty's screensaver was the Knights Templar picture and provided him with an email address, which eventually found its way to Norman and Holy Cross Lodge. Ty is currently a Corporal in the Queens Own Yeomanry, a reserve light cavalry regiment based in Fenham Barracks, where he currently works in a recruiting role by day, and a section commander when on exercise or active service.

Holy Cross Lodge was delighted to welcome Ty when he was initiated in October 2018, and enjoyed initiating his son, Brandon, into the Lodge in November this year when Ty took part in the ceremony as the Inner Guard. Ty's brother, Flint, is now also due to join the Lodge in January next year, along with a long standing family friend, John Watson, which the Lodge is looking forward to with great anticipation.